Internal audit and control

Secretary of the Director

State Agency for medicinal cannabis

Directors office

Manager of European affairs

Deputy Director for Economic Issues

Service Activities branch

Deputy Director for Regulatory Affairs

Surveillance branch

Surveillance over advertising

Quality defects and Enforcement


GMP department

Clinical practice and surveillance over biological material processing

Pharmacy and distribution

OKL Praha

OKL České Budějovice

OKL Plzeň

OKL Hradec Králové

OKL Brno

OKL Ostrava

OKL Olomouc

GDP department

Laboratory control

Analytical chemistry

Biological methods

Pharmacopoeia and pharmaceuticals standardisation

Marketing Authorisation branch

Clinical trials

Pharmaceutical and clinical documentation assesmant

Price and Reimbursement Regulation branch

Max. manufacturer price regulation

Reimbursement amount and conditions regulation Prague

Reimbursement amount and conditions regulation Brno

Applications validation

Medical devices branch

Adverese incidents and clinical evaluation od medical devices