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List of reimbursed medicinal products - periodical update

Periodical update included medicinal products which come to power in the end of February.  

List of reimbursed medicinal products valid as of 1.3.2011

Updated List of medicinal products and foods for special medical purposes with reimbursement from the public health insurance.  


A pharmacopoeia is an essential pharmaceutical work of standardisation nature, which helps to ensure safe, effective, and quality pharmaceuticals. Responsibility for the accuracy of pharmacopoeia texts lies with the Pharmacopoeia Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, which cooperates with the European Pharmacopoeia Commission, whose member the Czech Republic has been since 1998. Pharmacopoeia The operation of the Pharmacopoeia Commission of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and its expert sections is organised by the Technical Secretariat of the Pharmacopoeia Commission, which organisationally and materially forms part of the Department of Pharmacopoeia and Standardisation of Medicines of SÚKL (LKS).