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Conditions governing the use of plants or other substances

1. Dietary supplements Annex 3 to Decree No 225/2008 Coll., stipulates the conditions governing the use of some plants and other substances in dietary supplements, in terms of their maximum permissible amounts in daily doses. To facilitate orientation, the overview of these plants and substances is provided in the following table.

IngredientRecommended maximum daily dose in a dietary supplement 
Cimicifuga racemosa - Dried root, rhizome20mg
Citrus aurantii - Extract (converted to the amount of synephrine) 10 mg synephrine
Crataegus laevigata, Crataegus monogyna - Dried leaves, blossoms, fruit200 mg
Dioscorea sp. - Dried tuber100 mg
Echinacea sp. - Dried root, herb500 mg
Garcinia cambogia - Peel (converted to the amount of HCA) 2000 mg HCA
Ginkgo biloba - Standardised 24/6 leaf extract  40 mg
Ginkgo biloba - Dried leaves2500 mg
Hypericum perforatum - Dried herb 300 mg
Panax ginseng - Dried root 1000 mg
Ptychopetalum olacoides (Muira puama) - Dried wood 500 mg
Rhodiola rosea - Standardised root extract (4% of rosavin) 100 mg
Schisandra chinensis -  Dried fruit600 mg
Tabebuia impetiginosa -  Dried cortex3000 mg
Tribulus terrestris -  Dried herb, fruit 2000 mg
Turnera diffusa (Damiana) -  Dried leaves1000 mg
Uncaria tomentosa - Dried root1000 mg
Valeriana officinalis - Dried root 500 mg
acetylkarnitin 500 mg
DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) 20 mg
Kyselina orotová 50 mg
Pycnogenol 100 mg
Taurin 2000 mg

2. Cosmetic products:

Annex 3 to Decree No 26/2001 Coll., as amended, stipulates the list of substances permissible in cosmetic products only with a restriction, incl. the maximum permissible concentrations of selected substances and conditions of use. Due to its scope, the text is not provided here; please refer to the above specified Annex.