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Should you have any questions regarding issues of exceptions from sunset clause provision, please contact the following members of staff:

  • Mgr. Klara Siroka
    Tel: 272 185 124
    E-mail: klara.siroka@sukl_cz

Queries regarding lists of medicinal products whose marketing authorisation has ceased to be valid or medicinal products jeopardised by sunset clause and the announcement that the 3 years period for placing of the generic medicinal product on the market begins to count ever since the market protection of the reference medicinal product expires (i.e. after 10 years from the first marketing authorisation of the reference medicinal product in any Member State or in the EU) should be sent to the following address: sunset@sukl_czDo not use this address for submitting applications for exemption from the sunset clause, nor for the communication in the subsequent administrative proceedings regarding such application (you can use the electronic mailroom for those submissions: posta@sukl_cz).