Data Mailbox Set-up for Foreign Entities

The Ministry of Interior sets up data mailboxes upon request also for natural persons-entrepreneurs and legal entities-businesses incorporated in a foreign country.  

With regard to the fact that foreign entities do not have an assigned Czech company registration number, known in the Czech Republic as IČ or IČO, their request cannot be handled directly at a public administration point of contact. For this reason, applicants are advised to send their requests directly to the Ministry of Interior, following the guidance outlined below

  1. The application as well as any attached documents should be lodged in the Czech language. If you lodge original documents in a foreign language, attach an officially authenticated translation into Czech.
  2. The request must bear an officially authenticated signature of the natural person who is authorised to act on behalf of the natural person-entrepreneur or legal person-business, or has been officially authenticated by Czech authorities (such as the representation of the Czech Republic in the concerned country) or it must bear so called apostille or higher authentication (super-legalisation). For natural persons-entrepreneurs, the authorised person may only be the natural person who has been issued the trade licence. For legal persons, it is the statutory body or a member thereof. Representation based on a power of attorney issued by the authorised person is considered admissible.
  3. The request should be accompanied by the original or an officially authenticated copy of the excerpt from the concerned registry under which businesses are incorporated in the country of incorporation, i.e., the analogue to the Czech trade license excerpt from the Companies Registry. If not obvious from the excerpt, provide a document evidencing that the applicant is entitled to act on behalf of the entity.
  4. If the authorised person´s address is in a country where access data cannot be sent, please provide another contact address where the authorised person will be able to personally collect the delivery containing access data.

List of countries where access data are delivered to


Department of Clinical Trials on Medicinal Products

Date: 22nd January 2021