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How are cosmetic products regulated in the Czech Republic?

The regulation of cosmetic products is governed by Act No 258/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Public Health and Amendments to Some Related Acts, as amended (Section 25 - Section 29), and Decree No 26/2001 Coll. on hygienic requirements governing cosmetic products, as amended.  

Annex 1, the cited Decree, provides lists examples of cosmetic products (i.e. what types of products are considered cosmetic products with a view to the definition of the cosmetic product stipulated by the Act). Annex 2 stipulates a list of substances which must not be included as ingredients in cosmetic products. Annex 3 provides a list of substances permissible in cosmetic products with a restriction, incl. the maximum permissible concentrations of selected substances and conditions of use. If a cosmetic product contains a substance which is not included in the list of substances permissible for use in cosmetic products, the decision on the permissibility of such substance shall be taken, upon the proposal of the manufacturer or importer, by the concerned public health protection authority (Section 26, paragraph 4 of the Act).

The manufacturer or importer shall be obliged to ensure that the cosmetic products manufactured or imported thereby are, upon their placement on the market, safe, particularly do not compromise the health of persons and comply with hygienic requirements stipulated by the Decree. Before the cosmetic product is placed on the market, the manufacturer or importer must ensure that the safety of the product with a view to the health of individuals is assessed by an authorised (qualified) person (Section 26, paragraph 1 and 3; Section 29, paragraph 2 of the Act).

Before a cosmetic product is marketed, the manufacturer or importer is obliged to carry out so called notification, i.e. to notify to the concerned public health protection authority (regional public health authority), apart from other, the start date of manufacture or import, incl. a list of cosmetic products which he/she intends to manufacture or import, and the site where mandatory product documentation is stored (Section 27, paragraph 1 of the Act).

At the address specified on the labelling of the cosmetic product the public must gain an easy access to data about the qualitative composition of the cosmetic product, its quantitative composition in terms of the contents of hazardous chemical substances, and on the adverse reactions to the cosmetic product arising from its use (Section 3 of the Decree).