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Guidelines and Forms

Medicinal Products - Distribution

  Name En. v. Valid. since Replaces Amends
DIS-16 Conditions for the activity of intermediaries of medicinal products in the Czech Republic No 03.03.2023 -  
DIS-15 version 4 Monitoring and control of storage and transportation temperatures for pharmaceuticals by manufacturers and wholesalers No 22.07.2019 DIS-15 version 3  
DIS-14 version 2 Humanitarian aid shipments containing medicinal products No 22.07.2019 DIS-14 version 1  

DIS-13 version 8

Reporting deliveries and stocks of distributed medicinal products for human use Yes  19.01.2024 DIS-13 version 7.1  

DIS-10 version 4

Notification of the commencement of distribution activities within the territory of the czech republic based upon distribution authorisation for medicinal products issued by another eu member state

Yes 02.10.2018 DIS-10 version 3  
DIS-8 version 6 Application for an authorisation/change/cancellation to authorisation for distribution of medicinal products No 02.10.2018 DIS-8 version 5  

Medicinal products - distribution - forms

           Name En. v. Valid. since

Application for establishment of an account

Application for establishment of an account and allocation of login for access and communication with supplies of drugs collection storage

YES 22.02.2011