Refund of Reimbursement of Costs for Clinical Trial Applications

Clinical Trials Dpt. of the State Institute for Drug Control informs about the procedure for refunds of reimbursement of costs for Clinical Trial Applications  

In case of higher amount of costs reimbursement for expert activities performed on request is paid, the Sponsor can ask for the refund in following way: 

Sponsor or responsible person of the Sponsor should pay the corresponding (correct) payment under the new variable symbol, which is obtained after filling the new Interactive Form for Application related to covering expenditures for expert activities conducted upon request and administrative fees  and this Proof Payment should be send to SUKL (via e-mail it is sufficient) together with filled, dated and signed Application for Refund of Reimbursement of Costs (you can download it from to Services Section, Economic Department, State Institute for Drug Control, Šrobárova 48, 100 41  Prague 10, Czech Republic (reimbursement of costs does not fall under our Clinical Trial Unit).

Clinical Trials Dpt.

11 November 2015