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Detail of the clinical trial

Title of the trial A Randomized Two-by-Two, Multicenter, Open-Label Phase III Study of BMS-354825 Administered Orally at a Dose of 50 mg or 70 mg Twice Daily or 100 mg or 140 mg Once Daily in Subjects with Chronic Phase Philadelphia Chromosome or BCR-ABL Positive Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Who are Resistant or Intolerant to Imatinib Mesylate (Gleevec(R))
EudraCT number 2005-001294-99
Protocol number CA180-034
Sponsor Bristol-Myers Squibb, Brussels, Belgium
Indications Hemato-oncology
Diagnosis myelogenous leukemia
Population in clinical trial Adults (18-65 years)
Elderly ( > 65 years)
Year of receiving the request to Institute (SÚKL) 2005
Date of approval by Institute (SÚKL) 09.09.2005
Date of approval by EC 29.08.2005
Date of initiation CT in ČR 12.01.2006
Date of ending CT in ČR 21.5.2013
Sites Interní hematoonkologická klinika, Fakultní nemocncie Brno-Bohunice, Jihlavská 20, 625 00 Brno-Bohunice
Ústav hematologie a krevní transfuze, U Nemocnice 1, 128 02 Praha 2

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