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Detail of the clinical trial

Title of the trial A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase IIIb Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Continuing Enzalutamide inChemotherapy Na?ve Metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Docetaxel plus Prednisolone Who Have Progressed on Enzalutamide Alone
EudraCT number 2013-004711-50
Protocol number 9785-MA-1001
Sponsor Astellas Pharma Europe Limited, 300 Dashwood Lang Road, Bourne Business Park, Addlestone KT15 2NX, United Kingdom
Indications Oncology
Diagnosis prostate cancer
Population in clinical trial Adults (18-65 years)
Elderly ( > 65 years)
Year of receiving the request to Institute (SÚKL) 2014
Date of approval by Institute (SÚKL) 24.11.2014
Date of approval by EC 13.11.2014
Date of initiation CT in ČR 12.2.2015
Date of ending CT in ČR
Sites Fakultní nemocnice u Sv. Anny,Onkologická klinika,Pekařská 53,Brno,656 91
Fakultní nemocnice Olomouc,Onkologická klinika,I. P. Pavlova 6,Olomouc,77900
Fakultní nemocnice Plzeň,Onkologická klinika,Alej Svobody 80,Plzeň -Lochotín,30460
Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice V Praze,Onkologická klinika,U nemocnice 2,Praha 2,12808

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