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Detail of the clinical trial

Title of the trial A Pivotal Multicenter Trial of Moxetumomab Pasudotox in Relapsed/Refractory Hairy Cell Leukemia
EudraCT number 2014-003233-26
Protocol number CD-ON-CAT-8015-1053
Sponsor MedImmune, LLC, One MedImmune Way, Gaithersburg, 20878 Maryland, United States of America
Indications Oncology
Diagnosis Hairy Cell Leukemia
Population in clinical trial Adults (18-65 years)
Elderly ( > 65 years)
Year of receiving the request to Institute (SÚKL) 2015
Date of approval by Institute (SÚKL) 21.4.2015
Date of approval by EC 18.3.2015
Date of initiation CT in ČR 16.3.2016
Date of ending CT in ČR 16.7.2018
Sites Fakultní nemocnice Brno, Jihlavská 20, 625 00 Brno

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