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Detail of the clinical trial

Title of the trial A Phase 3, double-blind, multicenter, placebo-controlled study of PledOx used on top of modified FOLFOX6 (5-FU/FA and Oxaliplatin) to prevent chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) in the adjuvant treatment of patients with Stage III or high-risk Stage II colorectal cancer
EudraCT number 2017-004707-43
Protocol number PP06489
Sponsor PledPharma AB, Grev Turegatan 11c, SE 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden
Indications Oncology
Diagnosis colorectal cancer
Population in clinical trial Adults (18-65 years)
Elderly ( > 65 years)
Year of receiving the request to Institute (SÚKL) 2018
Date of approval by Institute (SÚKL) 1.2.2019
Date of approval by EC
Date of initiation CT in ČR 10.6.2019
Date of ending CT in ČR 2.10.2020
Sites Všeobecná fakultni nemocnice v Praze, Onkologická klinika,U nemocnice 449/2,Praha 2,128 08
Nemocnice Horovice, NH Hospital, a.s.,Onkologie, K Nemocnici 1106, Horovice,268 31
Nemocnice Rudolfa a Stefanie Benešov, a.s.,Onkologické oddělení,Machova 400, Benešov,256 01
Nemocnice České Budějovice, a.s., Onkologicke oddělení, B. Němcové 585/54, České Budějovice,370 01 (discontinued)
Nemocnice Na Plesi s.r.o.,Institut onkologie a rehabilitace,Nova Ves pod Plesi 110,Nova Ves pod Plesi ,262 04
Nemocnice Na Bulovce,Ústav radiační onkologie,Budinova 67/2,Praha 8 - Liben,180 81
Thomayerova nemocnice,Onkologická klinika,Videňská 800,Praha 4,140 59

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