Announcement of launch, break or close-out of marketing of a medicinal product

The database includes reports since 31st December 2007, date of effect of the Act No 378/2007 Coll., stipulating the obligation of marketing authorisation holders to report launch, suspension or withdrawal from the market of a medicinal product to SÚKL





Number of records: 2
SÚKL code Name of medicinal product Supplement of name Type of announcement Effective date Alternate medicines 1)
Estimated renewal date Reason for interruption/cessation of marketing
0192340 WARFARIN PMCS 2MG TBL NOB 100 I Placing on the market 13.08.2012
0192342 WARFARIN PMCS 5MG TBL NOB 100 I Placing on the market 13.08.2012
1) The review shows only medicinal products with active incidence on the Czech market (based on regular reports of supplies of distributed human medicinal products in the previous quarter).

Medicinal products reimbursed from health insurance are marked in color.
Last database update: 8. March 2021 v 04:45