Maximum ex-factory price/Ex-factory price ? 88,18 CZK
Legal basis of maximum ex-factory price/ex-factory price ? Maximum ex-factory price announced under the law.

Informace o základní úhradě

Core reimbursement from health insurance ? 10,94 CZK
Maximum reimbursement from health insurance ? 16,49 CZK
Legal basis of reimbursement from health insurance ? Reimbursement set by the law.
Indication restriction of reimbursement ?
Prescribing doctor's specialisation ?
Reporting limit ?
Rough price for the final consumer ? 132,89 CZK
Rough payment for the final consumer (for 1 prescribed package dispensed) ? 116.4 CZK
Eligible extra payment ? 17,39 CZK
Eligible extra payment for individuals aged 65 and older ? 17,39 CZK
Medicinal products reimbursed from health insurance contain the amount of the maximum manufacturer´s price or the producer´s notified price for products which are not subjected to the regulation of the maximum manufacturer´s price, the amount of reimbursement from health insurance and the estimated price for the end consumer (pharmacy price).

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