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Announcement of launch, break or close-out of marketing of a medicinal product
Type of announcement Effective date Alternate medicines ? Reason for interruption/cessation of marketing Estimated renewal date
Interruption of marketing 13.04.2022 Lék není nahraditelný Manufacturing reasons 30.04.2023
Resumption of marketing 13.12.2019
Interruption of marketing 15.05.2019 Lék není nahraditelný Manufacturing reasons 23.12.2019
Resumption of marketing 30.04.2019
Interruption of marketing 13.12.2018 Lék není nahraditelný Capacity/distribution reasons 18. týden
Resumption of marketing 05.04.2018
Interruption of marketing 21.03.2018 Lék v jiné síle
Resumption of marketing 03.01.2018
Interruption of marketing 02.11.2017 Lék není nahraditelný
Resumption of marketing 05.08.2014
Interruption of marketing 27.06.2014 Lék v jiné síle

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