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Maximum ex-factory price/Ex-factory price ? 938,83 CZK
Legal basis of maximum ex-factory price/ex-factory price ? Maximum ex-factory price set by the law.

Informace o základní úhradě

Core reimbursement from health insurance ? 885,20 CZK
Maximum reimbursement from health insurance ? 1328,05 CZK
Legal basis of reimbursement from health insurance ? Reimbursement set by the law.
Indication restriction of reimbursement ?
Prescribing doctor's specialisation ? Antibiotics centre (recommends prescriptions and use of antimicrobial medicinal products)
Reporting limit ? A: The decision shall allocate the "A" symbol to products administered, in light of its nature, by a doctor in outpatient care. This product shall be charged to the health insurer along with the relevant intervention as a separately charged product. If advisable given the effect and safety of the product or if in the public interest, reporting of "A" products shall be restricted to doctors with specialist capacity, with the specialist field stated in the decision.
Rough price for the final consumer ? 1297,56 CZK
Rough payment for the final consumer (for 1 prescribed package dispensed) ? 0 CZK
Eligible extra payment ?
Eligible extra payment for individuals aged 65 and older ?
Medicinal products reimbursed from health insurance contain the amount of the maximum manufacturer´s price or the producer´s notified price for products which are not subjected to the regulation of the maximum manufacturer´s price, the amount of reimbursement from health insurance and the estimated price for the end consumer (pharmacy price).

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