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Maximum ex-factory price/Ex-factory price ? 286,40 CZK
Legal basis of maximum ex-factory price/ex-factory price ? Maximum ex-factory price set by the law.

Informace o základní úhradě

Core reimbursement from health insurance ? 303,29 CZK
Maximum reimbursement from health insurance ? 449,99 CZK
Legal basis of reimbursement from health insurance ? Reimbursement set by the law.
Indication restriction of reimbursement ?
Prescribing doctor's specialisation ? Ophthalmology
Reporting limit ? L: Schedule No. 2 to Decree No. 63/2007 Coll.: medicinal products and foods for special medical purposes that contain an active substance so labelled shall be prescribed by a doctor specialized in the relevant field ("Specialist Doctor") or a doctor of the given specialist department, or the physician of the insured on a Specialist Doctor's written recommendation. These medicinal products shall be reimbursed to the contractual healthcare facility from health insurance (1) on the basis of a recipe in case of outpatient care, (2) within the medical lump sum reimbursement in case of institutional care.
Product subject to prescription restriction may be prescribed for reimbursement by a health insurer only by a doctor with specialist capacity, stating the professional field in the prescription restriction, who has concluded an agreement on the provision of the relevant health service with the health insurer in respect of the specialist capacity, or another doctor under written authority of the Specialist Doctor.
Rough price for the final consumer ? 425,60 CZK
Rough payment for the final consumer (for 1 prescribed package dispensed) ? 0 CZK
Eligible extra payment ?
Eligible extra payment for individuals aged 65 and older ?
Medicinal products reimbursed from health insurance contain the amount of the maximum manufacturer´s price or the producer´s notified price for products which are not subjected to the regulation of the maximum manufacturer´s price, the amount of reimbursement from health insurance and the estimated price for the end consumer (pharmacy price).

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