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Correction of the List of reimbursed medicinal products valid as of 16.2.2017

Acting in compliance with Section 39n(1) of Act No. 48/1997 Coll., on Public Health Insurance, as amended (“Act”), the State Institute for Drug Control publishes the List of Prices and Reimbursements for Medicinal Products and Foods for Special Medicinal Purposes (“List”).      

This correction is made in compliance with Section 39n(3) of the Act and becomes effective on the day it is published on the official notice board. The List’s correction lays down the full list of medicinal products (MPs) and foods for special medicinal purposes (FSMPs) reimbursed from the public health insurance system subject to the Institute’s decision, including their maximum or announced ex-factory prices, the amount and the terms of reimbursement, incl. their highest possible reimbursement for the end consumer, along with the amount of the extra payment in the eligible limit. In addition, the List contains the basic reimbursements of reference groups and explains the reasoning behind the basic reimbursements, along with a full list of the medicinal products and foods for special medicinal purposes included in the reference groups.

Rectification of previously published reimbursement for code SUKL 84101 LUIVAC 3MG TBL NOB 28 KALBLI, code SUKL 98187 RIBOMUNYL POR GRA SOL 4, code SUKL 98189 RIBOMUNYL POR GRA SOL 20, code SUKL 55675 RIBOMUNYL TBL NOB 4 and code SUKL 55676 RIBOMUNYL POR TBL NOB 20.
Rectification of previously published conditions of reimbursement for code SUKL 30521 ZIBOR 2500 IU2500IU INJ SOL ISP 10X0,2ML and code SUKL 30526 ZIBOR 3500 IU3500IU INJ SOL ISP 10X0,2ML.

List of prices of medicinal products and fedical purposes

List of prices of medicinal products and foods for special medical purposes used in institutional care only