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Other branches - How to process when applying for an advice

Applicant for advice provision (hereinafter applicant) contacts the expert – consultant, or assistant (or section) of relevant department by email or by phone.

Department contacts:

1/ When first contacting, the applicant sends preliminary application for advice provision containing specific questions or topics of the advise, expected time scope, proposed date/dates of the consultation, contact person with telephone number and email.

2/ The applicant is contacted by the consultant or department assistant.  

3/ The applicant sends official application for advice provision to the email of the assistant of the relevant department or section. The application must contain:

  • Specific questions (possibly required documentation)
  • Approved time scope of the meeting
  • Approved date of the advise
  • Number and names of attendees
  • Contact person, telephone and email
  • Business name of the company
  • Address of the company
  • Identification number
  • Variable symbol (in case of reimbursed advice)

4/ Further, the applicant proceeds according to the instructions of the consultant or of the assistant.

Information concerning the payment of reimbursed costs and variable symbol will be provided to the applicant by department assistant.

It is possible to make the payment before or after the advice provision.   

  • In case of payment before the advice provision the applicant is given a receipt for reimbursement of costs for scientific advice.  
  • In case of payment after the advice provision the receipt is sent to the applicant by post after the payment is effected.