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Advice provided by SUKL

The State Institute for Drug Control (hereinafter SUKL) provides advice related to all its activities. The advice provided might be either of scientific or formal and procedural nature relating to the activities provided by SUKL.  

Human tissues and cells

Surveillance over donation, purchase, examination, fabrication, storage and distribution of human tissues and cells aims at guarantee of their quality and safety. Part of this activity is issuance of certificate authorising the activity of tissue establishment, procurement site or diagnostic laboratories, control conduct, severe adverse events monitoring or suspect thereof, in cases of doubt whether tissues and cells governed by Act No. 296/2008 Coll., on provision of quality and safety of human tissues and cells designated for use in humans and changes to some related Acts (Act on human tissues and cells), as amended, are concerned.    

Central Repository

Central repository of electronic prescriptions has been established as an organisational part of SUKL according to Act No 378/2007  Coll. On Pharmaceuticals and related legal changes (Act on Pharmaceuticals).