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Conditions of use of web presentation services


  1. All elements of the web presentation are protected by copyright pursuant to Act No 121/2000 Coll., as amended. If you wish to adopt any published elements as referred to in Section 34, paragraph 1 (c) of this Act or further disseminate them in another manner please request an approval from the operator of the portal (webadmin@qcm_cz) in advance; without the operator's approval, adoption of elements is not allowed. The same regulations also govern the use of source codes of the web presentation, java scripts, and other applications which form part of this presentation.
  2. The content of the web presentation is not intended for bulk downloading of files or data. The administrator of the presentation reserves the right to hinder such unauthorised data extraction.
  3. Any materials made accessible via this server are only informative in nature. They may be amended at any time without any prior notice.
  4. The website of this server contains references to the websites of other entities. The administrator of the server shall not be responsible for the content, topicality, or possible malfunction of these websites.
  5. The administrator of this server shall not answer for damage caused by wilful and intentional attacks on this server aimed at damaging its functionality or content (hacking).
  6. The administrator of this server reserves the right to restrict, without further notice, access for those users who attempt to damage or amend the content, to input improper content or to compromise the safety and functionality of this server or other devices of the computer network within which the server is located. Should the above mentioned activities be detected, the administrator of the server shall avail of any legal recourse for such conduct; including a complaint where it may be reasonably suspected that such conduct constitutes a body of offence.
  7. The administrator of the server shall not be responsible for damages caused by the use of data and services made accessible via this server or by services using data and services of this server, e.g. by using their obsolete version. The user may use a reference only with an explicit approval obtained from SÚKL.

The user understands that the use of services of this web presentation is conditioned by the above mentioned provisions.