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Payment of administrative fees

With regard to the provision of Act No 634/2004 Coll., on Administrative fees, as amended, an applicant is obliged to pay administrative fees for the submission of an application.  

The amounts of administrative fees are specified in the Annex to the above mentioned Act, and for better orientation, services subjected to fees within the scope of administrative procedures performed by the State Institute for Drug Control and the amounts of the respective administrative fees are listed in guidelines UST-29 and UST-36. More details regarding administrative fees are also provided in the said guidelines.

Applicants are advised to pay the administrative fees by bank transfer prior to the submission of the application. The variable symbol for the payment to be made can be obtained from the interactive form. For details concerning the completion of this form please refer to guidelines UST-29 and UST-36.

Following the completion and posting of the form, the data you have entered will be recorded in the database and you will be presented with the Administrative Fee Payment Confirmation screen which will give the variable symbol for you to use when making the payment. This payment receipt is to be presented in two copies together with the application (If application submitted in hard-copy). Once the payment is credited to the relevant account, we will endorse this fact using the Administrative Fee Payment Receipt. We will send this receipt back to you. The document endorsed as mentioned above will serve as your accounting proof of payment of the administrative fee.

 Administrative fees may be also paid using a revenue stamp (up to 5 thous. CZK) affixed to the free space in the upper left part of the form (UST-29). The form is identical to the one for the payment of the administrative fee via bank transfer.