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Foreign Societies, Associations

Foreign Medicines Agencies

Foreign Institutions

Medical Devices

Pharmaceutical Industry

Czech State Institutions

Electronic mail room


Mail room – cash desk

Electronic mail room

Reporting changes in contact details

Details of reporting requirements regarding all changes in contact information.    

Questions regarding the new Act on Pharmaceuticals

General questions

Contents 2008

Contents of SÚKL Bulletin

Contents of SUKL Bulletin 1999 - 2006.  


Distinction between dietary supplements and medicinal products

Surveillance over advertising for medicinal products for human use and other products

Pursuant to the Act on Advertising Regulation, surveillance over advertising is divided among individual surveillance authorities. The public, however, is not sufficiently aware of this. That is why in our practice we often face requirements for us to handle all reports of suspected defective advertising, but also defective information on the labelling of various products, which are not authorised medicinal products. SÚKL, however, is not entitled by law to conduct such activities.         


Surveillance over advertising

Borderline products

Legal regulations governing the areas bordering upon the area of medicinal products.     

Medical devices

EU legislation

Community legal regulations.         

Legislation of the Czech Republic

Acts and their implementing regulations governing the powers of SÚKL.     

Human medicines - Czech Republic/EU

Competences of the Institute in the area of human medicines - appropriate standards of quality, safety and efficacy.   


Related information

Specific Therapeutic Programmes

Issuance of opinions on applications for Specific Therapeutic Programmes (STP) for the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.  

Non-interventional post-authorisation studies